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SDL: Eathal by Illusion-of-Shape SDL: Eathal by Illusion-of-Shape
Name: Eathal
Age: 19
Ethnicity: Japanese
Likes: Wind, grass, flowers, soft sand. Pretty.
Dislikes: Destructive and/or angry people and/or noises.
Blood type: A-

Behavior: Eathal's behavior can be diagnosed as mental sickness. She is timid as she avoids most eye contact and often twitchy in conversation (constantly playing with her hair, sometimes stuttering and mumbling), but in combat she becomes sadistic and impossible to deter. She talks in the third person, but calls herself "Ea". Only circumstances when she's truly upset does she speak her full name in third person dialog. She is a confused creature pressed under the rules of Catholicism and her own desires, and when the two conflict she is driven mad taking her anger out on the person of said consequence. She sometimes obsesses over people and objects she considers "pretty" but this often results with the previous conflict.

Eathal's history has hindered her behavior as she travels Japan with the dream of disarming the entire county. Beating swords into plowshares.

Despite her mental condition, Eathal is often content.

Combat Behavior: Eathal's fighting style is a use of brute strength with a lack of concern for self preservation. Her condition has unlocked an ability to release a substantial amount of adrenaline into her system at will, making her movements with her oversize weapon fluid and her sense of pain subside. Her double headed mace is detachable at the center (as one side is the hammer and the other the anvil, tools of a blacksmith) and held together by a reasonable length of chain. She often uses these as flails in the event her opponent is more mobile than most.

Edit: Eathal is now on a team.

Team Story: Eathal was never one for action, despite her tormented orphan upbringing in a ungodly Catholic mission, she found little interest in exerting herself. Her mannerisms outside of combat are slow and unkempt as her hair is collected with grease and oil from neglect and her clothing has never changed from the day she left the mission. She's doesn't stew in her own filth mind you, but she cares little for what she wears or how she looks. She may be a blacksmith, but that was only one of the traits she collected at the mission with just the ability to mend and meld simple rural tools. When there was work to be done she was scarce and although she'd be severely beaten afterwards, her attitude never changed. She has goals, but will only act when the situation becomes clear and present instead of hunting her destiny on her own.

Perhaps it wasn't her destiny to be who she had become, making her laze about with every moment. But then again, maybe her careless behavior is quiet reserve for what's to come. Pretending to slowly die as to draw in her enemies.

Nevertheless she has become the intention of Sloth, a sin that requires only that you do absolutely nothing.

Do nothing and wait, wait for the victims to draw closer to you.

Eathal's interest in such a group coincides with her subconscious desire to draw further from her past. After seeing Mailus attack the mission that held estranged memories for her, she looked to his cause as a unit of shelter. Although she's far to afraid to fall under the ranks of Mailus, she concerns herself with the what suits her best. This is an opportunity to take peace in a surrender to time, to become a sin to free her will. It's a enormous conflict to her own behavior, but with her history in shambles this could be the perfect time to take her life back.

Eathal belongs to Illusion-of-Shape
SDL belongs to RoninsUltraMix
Seven sins belongs to 7sinsden
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violentsamurai Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2008
I could give you tons of compliments on your design and art skills here, and they would all be very deserved. However, i'm going to simplify things here if I may and just say "Damn, she's Hott!"


Great job!
Illusion-of-Shape Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2008
Hahahahaha, word.

Thank you very much!
violentsamurai Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2008
Ya welcome! :thumbsup:
Ophelion Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2008  Hobbyist
Nice, I like the use of complementary colours here, violet and yellow. =D

It seems like she and En share the same trait of a weird speech pattern, as well as mental problems. :XD: Well, En's brain-damaged, but somehow, I can see those two getting along very well.

Mostly because they're both very not-bothered and apathetic, perhaps.

And they also share the whole "lack of self-preservational intents", suicidal attitude in battle, huh. :lol: Except Ea is so much sexier than En is. And with better taste. And a hugeass awesome weapon to boot. ^^;

Nice work and welcome to the team! :glomp:
Illusion-of-Shape Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2008
Hahaha, you're totally right! Ea and En are both... well... I guess they both have brain issues, but that's what makes 'em special right?

Thank you! It's gonna be kickass time I know it.
AtrociousNothing Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lovely character. :]
DeficientAtLife Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2008
Uh... Wow.

She sounds like some insanely good fun. Very nice! Psychotic characters are usually the most interesting.
Illusion-of-Shape Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2008
Hurray for the crazy!

Thank you!
DeficientAtLife Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2008
No problem!
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